The Creative Bookworm

The Creative Bookworm
Book Store & Fine Italian Coffee
Buy-Sell & Trade

If you’re looking for some rare books that are hard to find, this is your place to go! The Creative Bookworm is a family owned and operated business that has been open for over 10 years! This bookstore was built for the community by residents trading in books and the staff finding rare books online. Every book is well taken care of and in the best condition possible. The Creative Bookworm also has a cafe where you can sit down and grab a specialty coffee while reading your new finds. If you’d like to check if we have a book in stock, our website has most of our selection. If the book happens to be very old, it is best to call us or stop by to see if we have it. 

Store Hours
Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Closed on Sunday

20438 Douglas Crescent
Langley, BC V3A 4B6