Emilio Finatti Pizzeria

Established in 2005, Emilio Finatti Pizzeria is your friendly neighbourhood pizzeria.

Here’s a little about what we do: We offer a special artisan blend of flours that make up our thin crust. This formula is low gluten, ensures easy digestion and happy mindset, it is truly one of a kind.

Our ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. This means that daily produce runs are made to ensure freshness of ingredients. We are also known for our honey-butter drizzled crust (ask for extra H.B. on the crust or on the side!). Added to our pizza perfection, the honey butter crust gives a sweet and salty dimension like never imagined before.

When visiting Emilio FInatti in Langley, you will encounter a work of art painted establishment, exemplary customer service and knee shaking smells. We have table games to play while you wait. Better yet, we have arcade games that are also available.

Even though we are a small operation, we cater to large corporate orders such as the locally filmed Supergirl and Riverdale, and many local businesses.
If you may have dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate with gluten free and/or vegan requests.

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In advance we thank you for your appetites, and look forward to having a, “pizza your heart”

20125 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC V3A 4E4